Big Moves. Big Move?

Mike Davis – Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke – Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Darrell Asberry – Head Football Coach

$3 Million law library – Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Academic and sports excellence shown through bold moves. It’s an exciting time in the city of Houston. TSU is stepping up to the plate determined not to be left in the wake of Rice University and University of Houston. The former a world renown institution holding a generous endowment and academic reputation. The latter in a determined move to earn Tier 1 status and elevate its athletics department into a national brand.


It’s exciting to witness the current administration establishing new ethos while respecting its origins and story. There was much to overcome with regard to perception from the community outside the TSU family and opponents of all things HBCUs. However budget problems, academic standing, and calls from the gallery and state executives with purpose to assimilate TSU into the University of Houston, in addition to admitted mismanagement appear to have been exercised.


I wonder what big move is next. Hopefully in a few years we will see TSU in legitimate pursuit of Tier 1 status in addition to continued elevation of its sports program. Baby steps or Mountainous leaps. Conference USA next? Something more. There is definitely a second donation coming from the author of this page this year in addition to annual contributions to Iona College, University of Houston-Downtown, and St. John’s University.


Go Tigers!!!

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