Go For What You Know

Long night into long morning

Caught up with my boy at a local club on some unexpected type ish.

You know you have no plans on going out when you kick back in a rocking chair at your crib with a glass of wine and a table full of Indian food. FOOD IS LOVE (tell your psychiatrist I said it, I don’t care).

My boy calls me up and says “let’s hit the club.” I told him “nah I just devoured Indian food, won’t be no good.” I went anyway. I got accosted by an Italian chick at the door as I was being patted down by security. She said all the ladies were gonna devour me and I said I hoped she was right!

Long story short, I made a connection but was fighting the Indian food in my belly throughout the night! It wanted to come out and she didn’t want to go to sleep fast enough. I got some relief after a long while and chasing more relief this morning. GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW. If you just ate gas inducing food, don’t chase, no hook-ups for the night!

On the way home I stopped by my friends restaurant in Prospect Heights, The Usual (It was called George’s when their Uncle owned it way back when), and chowed on my usual; veggie cheese omelet with beef links, cheese grits and a side of rye toast with coffee and OJ (water too). Upon leaving the spot I almost runover a man who is pushing a stroller with child while also walking his daughter and his dog. Catastrophe averted. Walking in our direction is a young woman who just turned the corner onto Vanderbilt Avenue from St. Mark’s. She is walking a little terrier without a leash. GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW! The terrier saw the labrador and booked it. She ghosted out the piece with quickness. Funny thing was the labrador either didn’t see her or didn’t care; either way, he was a well behaved dog. The young lady yelled for her dog to come back but puppy wasn’t hearing it. I turned the corner to find my car which I parked a couple blocks away and saw the puppy booking it for the next block over. Her owner said puppy was running home and she’s embarrassed. I told her no worries; puppy chose to GO FOR WHAT SHE KNOW. Home is Safe and that was a big ass dog. better safe than sorry.
motto for this weekend: GO FOR WHAT YOU KNOW

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