Vision of Mars

I woke from a dream of Mars

This morning past

In deep sleep I visited

Planet of War via spaceship

A bodiless form attached to autonomous bot

landed on the planet red

searching for life

the bot programmed to veer left

broke free from command

held forth hammers in both arms

slinging and testing soil

the soil was too soft so

it turned right and saw a glint

what turned to be a stream

proof of life

minimal though it was

the bodiless form that was me

found physical existence and reached forth

the flash was true

but was it water or some other liquid brew

the sky’s hue was a beautiful indigo

turning my eyes leftward

a vision to behold

children of the privileged

river rafting rippling Martian waves

just over the horizon

construction cranes pierced the sky

where I stood with

robot by my side

I saw life and believed

Long live Mars!

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