Texas U.S. Senate Campaign

I apologize to my readers and followers. I have been working on a piece concerning the senate race between Paul Sadler and Ted Cruz but have not completed the work.

To come clean, I truly expected Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to win the Republican primary. The fact Mr. Dewhurst lost his primary bid is disconcerting on numerous levels. Of primary concern is a willingness of the public, already faced with the results of the 2010 elections, to continue to vote into office fringe politics and personalities intent on further crippling governmental process. A crippled government does not delegitimize government and cause it to go away. A crippled government creates more cracks and back alleys enabling further encroach into daily affairs of state and citizen.

It is my true hope that true and proud Texans, regardless of political affiliation, will vote into to office Paul Sadler, a true statesman and representative of the entire citizenry of Texas and the United States of America.

It scares me that true republicans do not see they have been marginalized and are now outside the two-party system. The Republican party is now an outlier along with the Green and Libertarian parties. The Tea Party has become the second party in the two-party system.

To all Texans, with regard to Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, I quote Bob Marley and say “Chase those crazy baldheads, Out of town.”

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