First Morning in Trinidad

Good morning! My first morning in the land of my mother and her siblings. So many brown faces in every station, ridiculously counter to the backdrop of most of my life.

Anyway, Brazilian coffee with OJ and eggs with home-baked bread for breakfast. Heading to the mall later; I forgot my sneakers and sandals in NYC (a whole separate story). But first a shower and I still have a few American duties to tie-up. I’ll be on the computer working most of today but afterwards I will be in true vacation mode.

Also, you know I am not fond of heat but I am surviving the tropical 80deg. Maybe I just want too.


P.S. Really digging how with all the homes, walls are not necessarily walls as in the American sense. All four walls are not solid impermeable barricades. Some are traditional but with decorative openings to allow breeze to flow freely throughout and some are merely stylized gate open to nature. Wholly new environments blowing my perceptions

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2 Responses to First Morning in Trinidad

  1. Angela Wright says:

    Enjoy! And a happy a happy birthday to you for tomorrow! I know those Trinies will show you a good time. That is what they do best!

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