Searching for Anger

I’m walking towards the entrance to my office building the other day and notice a young lady approaching from the opposite direction. I notice her stride is shorter than my own and I will arrive at the entrance first. I reach for the door in attempt to hold it open for her and then myself (a momentary slip into chivalry). In that moment the woman sprints the last couple steps and wrests the door handle away from me and in disgust says “well, I guess I’ll be the gentleman today!” Who knew? She was racing me the whole time determined in her mind that I was racing her. Wow! I never knew getting to the office was that serious; poor child.

I would prefer not to make general statements but aha, I will! It seems somewhere along the line this woman has come across a guy or guys that have made her believe all men are out to get her. I’d rather believe that reflection than believe her to be an angry person going out of her way to make others miserable. Either way, without going into the back and forth, I chose to hang back in the lobby and wait for the following elevator. No need to purposely expose myself to B.S.

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3 Responses to Searching for Anger

  1. Cheryl says:

    You should have put her on the spot and told her you were TRYING to be a gentleman but she was too bitter to allow you. Then you should have followed in the elevator LOL that’s what I would have done… I’m just sayin’

    • endepthpoet says:

      I had to bite my tongue to not do that. Just couldn’t take the chance it would escalate so near my office. On the other side of town, hmm, maybe.

  2. Marshall says:


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