Do We Really Care About Our Rights?

It amazes me the number of people who campaign against their perceived loss of rights due to the federal government but have no issue with the loss of privacy and right to show up for a flight within an hour of take-off, move through security without standing for an hour plus, receive miranda warning, have legitimately private conversation over the telephone, etc. And now one more of many other rights has been absconded; We no longer own the rights to our own DNA! Where are the protesters on issues that really matter? No, you’d rather protest background checks for potential owners of firearms. 

It’s sad but now days I have to declare this; I’m a proponent of gun ownership. I’m not a believer that everyone has the right to bear arms. There is an assumed trust on the part of society that is implied with gun ownership. But agitators are protesting for the removal of responsibility as a requirement of gun ownership.

Once again, where are the protestors when needed. I own my DNA. Do you own yours or does it belong to SCOTUS?


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One Response to Do We Really Care About Our Rights?

  1. Marshall says:

    Good stuff

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