MLB Stop Feeding the Machine

The big news overnight is potential suspensions from MLB of A-Rod and others. 

If the accusations are true, wouldn’t a suspension be double jeopardy for the likes of Melky Cabrera? He was suspended last season and though reporters are behaving as though this current “scandal” is a bombshell it was first reported on last calendar year. Wouldn’t it stand to reason if Melky failed a drug test last year and he was associated with Biogenesis of America last year that BOA was the provider of his illicit intake thus he has already served suspension as warranted under MLBs code?

Moreover, more than any other player save maybe Ryan Braun (a recent addition to MLBs most wanted list), Alex Rodriguez appears at this point to be a victim; incredible but true. The optics are skewed because it appears Bud Selig and Baseball Writers medium has a rabid focus on digging up something, anything, on Alex Rodriguez and now Ryan Braun too. It’s become similar to their pursuit of Barry Bonds save the governmental interference.

MLB is hurting its own sport. Not due to drugs. NFL and other leagues have drug related issues. The NFL and other leagues do not allow drug use to be the lead story and definition in the public perception of their respective leagues. MLB and Selig in particular, in attempt to meet an idealized perception of MLB as America’s Pastime, a non-truth, continue to feed this animal; BWA. 

Feed us what we need. Feed us MLB being relevant in today’s sports landscape. Feed us American youths of all cultures, socio-economic status, and melanin being drawn to the sport so many of us love. I could give a damn about the recycled news story on PEDs; move the fuck on and give me an action plan on how you are growing the talent pool to continue feeding the MLB pipeline into my latter years so I’ll still have the option of watching my favorite sport rather than pushing it further into the niche sport it is fast becoming.

One possibility is team sponsored charter schools in addition to MLBs urban academy initiative. I would ask that any team owner sponsoring charter school execute a plan that provides a strong education with emphasis on linguistics (students required to study/master two world languages in addition to english). Also, a broadened athletic focus should be part of the school’s mission. Sports outside of baseball should be offered to the students and classes in sports management, training, agency, and other aspects of the sports world should be offered along with core curriculum of English, Math, Science, History, Spanish, German, Anthropology. If like minded the school sponsor should team with peer owners of other immediately located sports franchises. What better investment in the community. What better investment in the future talent pool of the owner’s future players, managers, broadcasters, operations personnel, and executives?

By the way position a baseball academy in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a stable country with stable government and it is a short boat ride and/or plane hop from Venezuela and other South American and Central American countries.

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