The Proposal

Let’s take a leap together

journey into life unseen

cradling our best intentions

embracing our fears in full acknowledgement

a union founded on openness


I saw your smile from the corner of my eye

it was a shy whisper

your beauty speaks without words

thankful for the glint in your eye

visions of my bride at first sight

love from the first hello

dreams of sawdust, sweat, and callouses

a physical equity showing commitment

building our first home


Let’s take a leap together

expectation based in faith

wakes my heart each dawn

the absence of conversation with you

each night, I sleep, I mourn

till in reminiscence of you

your scent, your presence

gives continuous blessing


I saw your smile from the corner of my eye

compelled in my spirit

I turned to engage your whispering smile

tease your lips open with words

spoken from my lips to your ears

nightly conversations we now share


Let’s take a leap of faith together

your shy smile, no longer a whisper

speaks womanly concerns and expectations

requirements not lost in my meditations

you were sent into my life

I am for you and you for me


A shy smile rescued me

a soul, once happy to be alone

now exhausted with solitude

lamentations in my soul from former joys

my joy is now in your happiness

my solitude, in your smile

an encompassing smile, umbrella for our love

shading the sun

resisting the winds

repelling the rains


You’ve guarded us with your love

through our courtship I’ve learned

and now look to share

so keep your smile

but cast your umbrella aside

Let’s take a leap of faith together!

Copyright © 2013 Willie Huggins Jr. a.k.a. En(D)epth

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4 Responses to The Proposal

  1. Angela Wright says:

    Hey Willie that was so special, I shared it with my first period class 🙂

  2. Roslyn Blackman-Watson says:

    How beautiful!

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