No the South Does Not Appeal to Me Nor Do I Discount the Joys of Northern Charm

The south does not appeal to me

false formalities

cordialities loosely married to culture

a smiling facade

masking running tears

the blinded holding onto

false teachings of humility

rejecting strength in pride

emboldened living

birthright hidden in northern DNA

riding up longitudinal lines

visceral intelligence

unbathed in superstition

The south does not appeal to me

strip malls, flatlands, and telephone poles

does not a scenic drive make

wistful for the Palisades, hills, and forestry

life breathing into lakes, rivers, islands

toured along Moses’s winding roadways

the beauty of northern charm

delightful apple orchards

dulcet water currents

perfumed vineyards

Charm not lost in false humilities

swaddling continuous shame

basking in self-bamboozlement

honest interactions carried on through honest voices

Call me sir or mister only if you mean it

my self-assurance is not derived from platitudes

we are noble all, all we are noble

Substance derived from substance

apart from trivial odes to golden eras

states rights and other coded refusals

northern aggression instead of constitutional dereliction

give me a steady northern march in cultural movement

North yesterday

North today

North forever

My beautiful love I am forever yours

even if love drags me south

to live on in a walking death

a perpetual sentence

the north will always be my true bride

It is visceral to my being

emboldens my stride

in it I am immortal

in it I draw life and in me north finds reciprocity

Copyright © 2013 Willie Huggins Jr. a.k.a. En(D)epth


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