Another Rose for Suzanne

A forever young spirit
Engaged in happiness
In pursuit of life
The journey is a happy one
Even through moments of sorrow
The sun shines her way

Joy, is a choice
Youthfulness is joy
But even better, kitchen dressed with backed cakes
Every week of the year
A young child’s joy
Life lived grand
Aunt Roseanne, thank you for your infectious spirit
Dusting off travails
Like old vinyls brought out to spin
For a Trini lime
Keep your shoulders clean
Oh, and Norris and I, looking for glass of the punch de crème

Aunt Su, an original ride or die chick
Loyal through and through
And holding it down since way back

She accompanied my mother and I on class trip to Statue of Liberty
Way back when

Summer of 89’ she provided safe haven
The menace, we simply called him Wayne
Angela said he was evil
Jamel said Wayne was a bully
I said I don’t get bullied
Ahem, I was only ever wrong once in my life
Jamel and I high-tailed it to the Staten Island Ferry
Walked over to the Staten Island Railway
Scooped a couple discarded tickets
And hopped the rail

Uncle Regi was down south with the kids
Walking to Refugee Camp de Aunt Roseanne
I recounted to Jamel the tale of our journey to that point
And how smart I was
Jamel agreed that we were both smart
But we felt as though we were being followed
We were right
The menace was hot on our trail

Long story short and all the fun details left in the past
We made it
It was like heaven on earth
Movies galore, Nintendo with the gun and track and field
The basement to ourselves
Week-long monopoly tournament
Restarted each time Jamel flipped the board; he did the equivalent at Nintendo too
Every breakfast was a feast and there was choice of cakes too
We both agreed it was too good to be true

But it wasn’t too good to be true
I moved in in 1992

It has been said
Age ain’t nothing but a number
This is true
But age is also a gauge of life yet to be lived
Life not lived , and in best case scenarios
Life embraced, rpm’s revved
Racing past the checkered flag
Off the course into uncharted paths

60 years of celebration
60 years of life worth living
Enjoying the known
Exploring that not known
Embracing God’s gift
Living it to the limit and then some, life
Yours is a special one
Sung in Suzanne’s Song
Happy bornday Aunt Suzanne

Onto the next 60!

Copyright © 2013 Willie T. Huggins Jr. a.k.a. En(D)epth

Written for Aunt Susan’s (Roseanne/Suzanne) 60th birthday celebration.

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