Go Coogs Football!

my visceral reaction was a fist pump coinciding with a hearty thank you. This before even hearing much less digesting the sentence in its entirety, “Tony Levine has been ….” About damn time!

Our last search concluded with us choosing a replacement that no one would want to poach. If our coaches are being poached it is because they are producing positive results. If they are poached in succession we are continuously growing in stature. Hopefully we are progressive and hire a coach that will produce positive results and attract the attention of majors. By so doing we will continue to elevate the program hopefully to a height that, whomever is coach at that time, will decide it’s to his advantage to stay. But please don’t go safe and pick a coach because you think he will be beholden to the U and no one else wants him! Now let’s talk basketball program.« less

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