Fallacy of Preconceived Notion and Selfish Need of Ego to Self-fulfill its Own Prophecy

(Especially in the 2000s, most New Yorkers are not native to the land nor the northeast. additionally many persons in New York (Manhattan) are tourists.)

Situation one: A few years back I walked over the the Westside of Manhattan from my office. The reason I did so was to watch the space shuttle make its way, via barge, up the river to the Intrepid. It was a great event and the communal joy with New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers alike was phenomenal.

On arriving at the pier I noticed a disturbance. There was a wheelchair bound woman ra.nting hysterically. There was a building crowd surrounding her. Individually and collectively people offered her assistance by asking her why she was crying, what is happening, do you need help, should we call medical personnel, do you just want to be left alone, here please take my water, I have crackers and food would you like some, these were a limited offering of the many provided the woman. Finally the crowd tired, after an hour, and left her to seek attention from some future victim not yet invested in her farce.

Following our returned attention to the space shuttle we heard a new cry. “I am from Kingwood, Texas, and I heard how rude New Yorkers are and I didn’t want to believe it but now I know it’s true. I’m in a wheelchair and obviously distressed and I don’t know where I am going or what to do because I lost my hotel room and no one is stopping to see what’s wrong with the woman in a wheel chair. Strangely enough a Texan happened by and consoled her and chided the crowd for its apparent disinterest.

Seemingly her point was made. It took a non-New Yorker to stop and help. Problem is we know the truth. Her preconceived notions of what New York is would not allow her to see or hear nor accept help when offered. Blind sheep.


Late spring early summer brought the arrival of two friends. My friend had driven impromptu from the Midwest with child in tow to visit the writer and New York. As this was an unplanned visit I worked through a portion of the week plus the two were in town. However, I made sure to take the two to New York and its outer boroughs.

A few days into their visit the mother asked me for a visit to a fine restaurant. Almost immediately I responded, based on my observations of the past few days, “do you think your child is ready for that?” I was ripped a new one and everything from my sanity to sincerity was questioned. I relented and set an engagement for us to visit a fine dining establishment. Being a forward thinker, I scheduled us to dine late afternoon before the reservation crowd arrived.

We entered the restaurant. I’d been there many times before with various friends. From the moment we walked in the door the child began misbehaving. The waiter began to walk us towards a table near where I typically ask to be seated. However, I leaned in and whispered “do you have any table set-up for outside dining?” He then took us to an outdoor area and seated us (Best decision ever!). Silverware and napkins flew, not from wind, but from whirlwind of a child. The child then decided it didn’t like its glasses and mother summoned waiter to replace the glasses a few times over. The waiter made many trips not associated with typical dining experience (in the end I tipped 30% on card and additional sum in cash directly shook into his hand).
The child began running around the restaurant’s space and into the inner dining area before the mother relented and allowed me to speak to the child. I spoke with the child as the noble being it is and things settled down.

On our leave the mother shared her disappointment with the restaurant. She was afraid New York would be just like the stories she had heard and “was right”. She believed the waiter was racist for seating us outside and felt people were rude because they were looking at us. I asked “have you considered that if people were looking at us it might have something to do with having to remove your child off the table and you instructing me I am not to instruct your child, possibly it has something to do with the child, old enough to know better, running throughout the restaurant and sending utensils flying?”

But no, it was the rude New Yorkers!

More Situations but for now I’ll chill.

They say we, New Yorkers, can’t see it because we are of it. Incorrect, the Northeast in general and New York in particular have a bravado yes, but even more we have a self-deprecating sense of realism that trumps the need to be patted on the butt and told you’re great. We’d rather earn that shit!

Life ain’t lived in front of a television screen.

(Especially in the 2000s, most New Yorkers are not native to the land nor the northeast. additionally many persons in New York (Manhattan) are tourists.)

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One Response to Fallacy of Preconceived Notion and Selfish Need of Ego to Self-fulfill its Own Prophecy

  1. endepthpoet says:

    There is a more earnest message in seek and ye shall find. If you want something or someone enough you will find in that person, situation, or thing, exactly what your spirit is wanting regardless the truths in front of you. Perception is a beast and it is most certainly reality, even when it is not.

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