NBA Expansion

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Buffalo/Rochester, NY
  3. Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Ciudad de México
  5. Galveston, TX

Regarding Seattle it’s only a matter of a shortened timeframe before it is home to NBA and NHL teams both.

As shown through the competitive successes of San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Memphis franchise stability is not dependent on population size or an abundance of Fortune 500 enterprises. A location in Buffalo or Rochester would be galvanized by New York State. New York State being a different animal economically, geographically, and politically from the city of New York. Additionally, it will provide a close geographical rival to Toronto. It also represents a Midwest competitor to Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit. It is close enough that without a basketball team of its own they can draw from western Pennsylvania , specifically Pittsburgh.

The reevaluation of the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins proves the viability of the region team support and sustain an NBA franchise. Additionally, the new collective-bargaining rules further protect potential ownership from mistakes of the past i.e. overspending and misspending. As with Buffalo and Rochester spur to has a long basketball history. It too is a small to mid-market. It to has great potential.

Mexico City is the holy Grail for each of the now five major North American (America) leagues. Untapped potential waiting to be cornered. The first to the table will eat on ending.

Galveston is a Darkhorse. Additionally, it would FaceTime competition from The Woodlands, its neighbor to the north. It’s Direkt neighbor, the city of Houston, is now a matured enough metropolis to support multiple teams in an individual sport. However, the developments and Melissa polities surrounding it are also capable financially, population wise, infrastructure wise, and in interest. Seeing the city of Houston’s inability to capitalize upon its citizenry call for hockey a best case scenario for luring a expansion NBA team would be for an ownership group created for the sole purpose of establishing both NBA and NHL on Galveston Island; or NBA and an MLB franchise.

I have not detailed a sixth because it does seem a parent that three of the major leagues are very interested in Las Vegas. Also, I do believe in the next 20 years there will be a baseball team in Havana. And while there does seem to be focus on expanding into Europe it would seem more beneficial to first expand into South America (Brazil).

Each of the above scenarios are compelling in their own right and in a perfect world 30 years from now each will have a seat at the table.

P.S. It is possible in a future posting I will present a south Florida hockey team and a central Florida baseball team as potential relocation candidates to a couple of the aforementioned cities.

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