Twisted Apron

What is the reason for your visit?

where do you live?

why are you in Detroit?

if you’re really from NY why does your car have Michigan plates?

what airport did you rent car from?

when are you leaving Detroit (seriously? How about , when are you leaving Windsor)?

why are you in Detroit?

if you live in NY why would you be in Detroit?


what do you do for a living?

who do you work for?

what do you do for a living?

why are you working in Detroit?

how often are you in Detroit?

why do you travel to Detroit?

when was the last time you were in Canada?


where are you going? Why there?

how do you know of that restaurant?

whom told you about it?

what makes you want to go there?

do you have a rental car Agreement?

did you drive from NY?

what airport did you land at?

how long did it take you to drive from Ny?

did you get rental car at airport?

I could keep typing all night and not finish writing down the numerous questions posed at the Windsor, Ontario, tunnel. That and each of these questions was asked of me at three different stops and border closing including when the car was inspected and they opened my case and did not lock it back so when I  later took it out of the trunk on my return to the US everything fell out in the parking lot.


“What were you doing in Canada?” “What restaurant?” “Where do you work?” “What do you do for a living?”
“Do you have a rental car Agreement?”


never had this experience traveling to Canada. However, this is the first time I have ventured to Windsor. Could it be this particular border crossing? Could it be a reflection of the current political state? I don’t Know.

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