Live Performance on KPFT (Houston) – AUDIO

Performance on KPFT,, (Houston) Radio.

You should set aside time and a glass of wine, scotch, and/or rum and lime and listen to the whole recording; it’s an awesome experience.

For the impatient I am introduced at … I was invited onto the show (LIVING ART hosted by Michael Woodson) by friends and fellow Houston performers Tracy Lyle and E.K. Keith. E.K. Keith was also a co-host with me and others at Helios in Montrose, Houston, TX.

Click the following link and post your comments:

KPFT Radio Show


1. Otabenga Jones & Associates (Symmetrical Patterns of Def). Robert A. Pruitt, Jamal Cyrus, and Kenya Evans. This interview also includes performances. 00:00 – 35:10

2. Helios Poets (Helios Reading Series)

  • Alone ( – 38:40)
  • Tracy, E.K. Keith, and Willie Huggins (EnDepth)[38:40 – 50:31]; I was on my shy shit and for those that bought the CD or first book, yes the title of the piece changed.
  • Guy Schwartz and The Watering Poets (50:32 – 51:20)


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