Through the laughter breaking up our conversation

Brief pauses in the words spoken

I told you I’d write a love story

A reason why we made it despite your nervous response

Unaccustomed to a matured approach

You ran south

Before you knew I’d put your name on blast

Drinking wine from a coffee mug

Listening to Foo Fighters on my iPad

Watching Lakers versus Nuggets on the television

First round battle, go Kobe!

While typing through a need for an emotional moment

To validate the brief moment of belief I had allowed myself

Biking a New Jersey suburb on borrowed wheels

For opportunity to speak in peace

Tassels on the little girl’s bike I borrowed

We peddled together

Conversing like adolescent sweethearts

Capturing the movement of your mouth

Visualizing your words gave me pause

I needed to believe what I saw was real

Seeking your true voice away from the crowd

Streamers on the handlebars speaking for my heart

It wanted to find vulnerability

Despite worn words and moves

Habits picked up over many years

Held back through a lost ideal, steering my gears

Staring through jaundiced eyes I saw beauty

Tough expressions hiding a softer heart

Seeking God in religion to fill her heart

I seek your heart

But you ran down south

Propelled by nervous response

Impatient with the journey

Scared of the scars of my recesses

Treading the many surfaces of my past

Holding our moment only I shared

Beautiful brown skinned woman

Beautiful grown minded woman

Beautiful tone deaf to my plea for you to stay woman

I immortalize you forever

Not for a future us or thoughts of our being together

Remembering you forever to remind me of  beauty

Seen once in my life

Laughter from the corners of your lips

Growing into full blown smile and heart felt

Visceral reaction to my matured immaturity

I promise you love, this is no commoditization of my heart’s beat

This emotion is heartfelt!

Copyright © 2012 Willie T. Huggins Jr. a.k.a. En(D)epth

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