I Heard a Bullet Cry

by En(D)epth/W. T. Huggins on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at 10:35pm

this the media would portray to us

our next door terrorists

black and latino cultures forced into darwinism

chided for surviving, placed into incarceration

laid hold to in precursors to Abu Ghraib

head first into insanity lobbed

released as mad men

into a country which views them as madmen

i’ve lost a few good friends

their eyes just don’t speak the same shit

stress cultured in cells devoid of light

forgive me, i ain’t shook, but now i hedge a bit

cause streets ain’t safe

everyday more sanity shredded by life’s grate

lost to growing hate

impatient with the wait

there’s moves to be made

fuck the next man, even children on the take

watch the smile, might just be the bait



Copyright © 2004 Willie Huggins a.k.a. EnDepth

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