Why Are You On My Mind

by En(D)epth/W. T. Huggins on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 12:00pm

for every turn leading down dark alleys

forays past the known into questionable existence

for knowledge of sounds of fallen trees in empty forests

existence is measured in the self-analysis of man

self-important in belief

knowledge granted by self

credited to God through prayers

self-aggrandizing testimonies for audiences

leaning on weakness in others

building esteem off the heartache of others

finding light in deliverance

the delivered are met with joyful cheer

rousing the realms spoke of in legendary tales

ancient gods and demons are wakened

fed by energy from unintended praise

oceans swell like eyes from a child holding back her cries

spilling into the physical universe

just in time for the next bible verse

quoted to steer heart from fear

decision making not static

caught in temperamental emotions of joy seeker

environment no longer enclosing

boundless to the deviations of unbound souls

traipsing down well worn paths

from which not many return

darkened alleys beckon the far reaches of the mind

circling, prodding, attacking weaknesses

lionesses weeding their pray

all are susceptible any given day

temptation becomes strength

to justify what is unanswered no more

every man must fall

Copyright ©2011 Willie T. Huggins Jr. a.k.a. En(D)epth

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